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The loops represent the cycle of life while the knots represent the connection between the physical and the spiritual. To add some magnificence to the simple cross pattern, this tattoo features some cool flower petals wrapped onto the cross. Floral Cross Flowers are another very popular element of tattoo art. This one includes the portrait of Mary mother of Jesus with a halo above her head. A tiny cross sign can signify your religious faith in a nice way. As mentioned, a cross tattoo is open to a lot of customization. The one above, as an example, is decorated with diamond shapes! The simple black cross is finished off nicely with Victorian patterns around the ends.

They could represent a particular belief or cultural practice, which is mostly associated with spirituality. It gives them the strength to face the odd situations. A tribal cross therefore may follow the same reasoning.

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Melanie C: one of the Spice Girls, has a cross on her left arm. Some communities utilize the tattoo to represent personal and communal beliefs. This way everyone who sees the cross tattoo on your arms will know for sure that it is King in your life. The tattoo is best taken on the back to give it proper space to show up. If you want a simple tattoo of a cross that is also slightly different, this design is perfect.

Who makes Cross Tattoos?

For Christians, the cross represents the death and resurrection of their Messiah. Artist beautifully combined so many spiritual things like roses, wings and cross here.

  • Cross Tattoos for Women - Ideas and Designs for Girls
  • Cross Tattoos Designs for Men and Women -
  • Cross tattoos are as eclectic as any out there, being found as stand alone art or as a piece of a larger work.
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  • There is also a mystic meaning of the Celtic crosses which is referred by most of the people with the circle of life.

If you have a buffed up body, a cross tattoo will look excellent in the middle of the chest. The simple cross designs are best to show your religious side, with a funky touch to your personality. Unlike the Catholic cross, the arms of the Maltese are symmetrical with each other and look much like an edged four-leaf clover.

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The simple black cross is finished off nicely with Victorian patterns around the ends. You can look out for different kinds of wings for adjoining.

Pre-Christian Crosses

You can also change the colour of the link cross tattoo patterns your favourite one. This cross design is not inspired by the one commonly associated with Christianity anymore; it leans more towards an artistic expression based on the Greek cross design.

Sometimes, simpler designs are just the best! Tribal tattoos usually make use of very intricate customized linear combinations that create a strong eye-catching tattoo design. Another genius idea for a rosary tattoo is having it drawn as a ring on the middle finger.

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When looking for cross tattoos, this tattoo stands out as something special. This particular cross signifies courage and sacrifice. Among many others, the one design that is particularly feminine is a simple outline of the heart with either spirals or curves around the cross. Who makes Cross Tattoos?

Therefore it is notably more in demand among women. Gothic Cross Individuals who would like to have their cross tattoos focus on darker implications of the cross then going for a Gothic style would be an ideal choice. It can be elegant, sexy or edgy and the results can be breathtaking.

Therefore, the person who selected cross as a sketch of the tattoo abides by the knightly code of honor; the core values for him are power and nobility.

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Moreover, they can also include angel wings in their design. The Celtic cross is priory the symbol of the sun that indicates the earth, water and heavenly bodies in it. Criss Cross Mosaic Designs Make your mosaic designs more colorful! Most popular is the Biblical version, where Jesus Christ was crucified.

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This cross tattoo design is located on the bottom of the forearm. Best Suitable For: This is one of the simple cross tattoo designs for men and women, who believe in Jesus and that no one can harm them as they are under the sanctuary of Jesus.

But if you think you can pull off a colored one, feel free cross tattoo patterns have a very colorful cross tattoo. Your Own Take on Cross Tattoo Designs Peculiar cross back tattoo Why take on the conventional cross tattoo design when you can have your own unique touch for it?

In those years, cross tattoos are often accompanied by a pair of wings — just like this one! Greek Cross The Greek cross has its origins from the pre-Christian times, it was primarily used by the Assyrians to illustrate the heavens, and therefore, it represents sun-worship in history. While this seems to be more popular with men due to being better suited to a larger area, it is popular with women too, the center of the back between the shoulder blades being perhaps the best location for such a potentially elaborate piece.

The cross itself is done in bold, black ink but there is a floral pattern going around the design that is created in a white ink.

98 Best Cross Tattoos and Designs for Men and Women

They are also known as ankhs. Jesus and cross tattoos for men. Just ask the tattoo artist to design such a pattern that a ribbon is wrapped around the longer shaft of the cross where along each loop, the name of your children is engraved on the ribbon. A look at it will let you know that this is a tattoo based on Christianity, when Jesus was put on the cross for humankind.

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Gothic cross tattoos perfectly tattooed with Inter-twisting details and tremendous metal color shading. Words of verses from the Bible, usually displayed on a ribbon. Cross Tattoo on Neck Iron cross neck tattoo The neck may be a suitable location for some individuals to tattoo smaller designs such as this one.

You can have it on the biceps. So, when it comes to most popular religious tattoo designs, then cross is leading from all the tattoo designs. Adjoining hand print and blood make it more religious.

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Since tribal designs are known for their intricate and intense styles that are an immediate eye-catcher. This Celtic cross rules the back of the body with beautiful humongous wings draped on it.

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Lenny Kravitz: singer with a cross on his arm. There are some spectacular design ideas that can be followed by the young as well as old people. This is a beautifully designs Celtic cross tattoos with wings tattooed on upper back. The uninitiated might immediately associate it with Satan since many black metal bands who openly identify as atheists or Satan fanatics use the inverted cross image on album covers and other official merchandise.

Gothic Cross Tattoo for Men Nice variant of Gothic cross back tattoo for a man Gothic cross tattoo designs are applicable for men too!

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